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This website is managed by the Grand Barbeque. This privacy policy is intended to notify the user regarding the management, collection, usage, and declaration of information, which you may offer. Kindly read the whole privacy policy prior to using or presenting information to this website.


As the user, by using our services via this website, you accept the terms stated by this policy. Anytime you present information through this site, you agree to the management, collection, usage, and declaration of the information according to the privacy policy and the applicable laws as of now in India. All the information that is collected by the Grand Barbeque via various websites, publications through vote in polls, contests, subscriptions, and opinions should be precisely subjected to the implementation of our privacy policy. When you visit our web pages, we may gather certain identifiable information including the domain name, operating system, and the type of browser.

General use of information

Grand Barbeque may utilize the information provided by you to meet your demands for our services, inquiries and programs, which we are convinced, may be fascinating toyou. This information may also be utilized to contact you or communicate with you. Also, we may apply this information to provide our programs, services, and products to the user. Whenever you decide to present content for publication, we may decide to publish your name or any other information you have supplied us. The information that is collected by our company from our communities and online forums are utilized to offer a responsive experience, or in aggregate to help in the site usage analysis and provide you programs, products, or services. We shall disclose any information maintained in the event it is required by law or a law enforcement agency.

Privacy rules concerning the collection of information

The Grand Barbeque shall be accountable for making sure that all the delicate personal information is gathered, obtained, held, kept, and managed according to all the applicable laws.

In the event the company is required to gather, obtain, hold, keep, and manage personal information, it shall make sure that each user agrees to the Grand Barbeque’s gathering, obtaining, holding, keeping, and managing of the personal information and the Grand Barbeque’s conveyance and declaration of the same. The “sensitive personal information” refers to the personal data that relates to an individual’s; financial information, password, address, age and sex, biometric information, and any detail in relation to the above clauses.

Fair Use

Users shall not display, host, upload, transmit, modify, update, publish, or share any information;

  1. Belonging to another person where the user doesn’t have any rights to
  2. That is harmful, blasphemous, harassing, obscene, defamatory, paedophilic, pornographic, hateful, libelous, interfering with another’s privacy, ethical, racial, disparaging, objectionable, encouraging gambling or money laundering, or unlawful in any way.
  3. Containing software viruses or other files, computer codes, or programs that are designed to destroy, limit, or interrupt the operation of any computer.
  4. Threatening the integrity, defense, security, unity, or the sovereignty of India, public order, or friendly relations with the foreign states, or results to incitement and prevents the investigation of offences or insulting other nations.

Neither shall the Grand Barbeque do the following nor allows its users to;

  1. Gain access to any service that is not permitted by this agreement or by the law
  2. Disable, circumvent or interfere with the security features that may restrict or prevent the use or copying of content or limit the use of website.
  3. Accessing the website to upload a content that breaches the security or affects the proper working of the website.
  4. Deleting the copyright and proprietary notices
  5. Enforcing legal obligations


To heighten your experience, Grand Barbeque use “cookies.” These are the text files placed in your browser to keep preferences. Cookies will not show your personal information or email address unless you decide to supply us with this information. We use cookies to understand the internet usage and improve our offerings, advertisements, and content.

Our commitment to security

We have put the suitable electronic, physical, and managerial procedures in place so as to stop unauthorized access, correctly apply the collected information, and maintain data security. Reasonable steps need to be taken to safeguard the user’s security and privacy. These can be geared towards assisting in the verification of the user’s identity prior to allowing access or making changes.

Amendment to this policy

Our privacy policy is subject to amendment. We may fail to notify the user regarding the new changes made. However, we shall post the revised notice so as to keep you updated on what is going on regarding the gathering, use, and disclosure of information.